Took this last weekend but haven’t had time to post it till now. Hopefully I can keep up from now on!


waterfall 2

It has been a long time since I have been able to get out with my camera, and even longer since I have posted a picture here. I made it my goal to use my free time more productively this quarter and get back outside, so maybe I will actually make a post or two this year!


fire 2



Well, once again, it has been a long time since I have posted any pictures on here. I took a (long overdue) camping trip last week with a buddy and was able to take a few pictures. These were my two favorites of the week!


Well, it’s been a long time since I have posted, or even taken a picture for that matter! I went out for a bit this morning and here is what I found!



Manastash Ridge


I took this on top of Manastash Ridge in Ellensburg. If you have ever been on this hike, you know it is pretty brutal. I was pretty happy to make it to the top! I took my camera but I was a bit disappointed to be stuck in a cloud when I made it up there. But for once, I was happy excited for the famous Ellensburg wind as it blew most of the clouds away pretty quick. I wish I could say this picture was due to my creativity, but it was a bit of luck! My lens was a bit foggy when I happened to take this. It may not have been due to my photography expertise, but I will take it!


landscape copy

Here is a look at the landscape of the Yakima River Canyon from high up on a hill. I took a hike on a trail called Rattlesnake Dance Ridge. I can only imagine how it got that name!  I was a little disappointed with how most of my shots turned out, but this at least gives an idea of the amazing view from way up there!




I took these today while taking a look at the Yakima River to decided where to do some fly fishing this weekend. When I pulled up there were actually two Osprey in the tree, but one flew away. I was amazed at how close I actually got to this guy. At one point I was standing directly below him; he was no more than 20 feet above me. I have been trying to get a shot of an Eagle this close, but I guess an Osprey is just about as good!





Yesterday I decided to take a hike, and finally went up a trail I have been wanting to check out for a while. I decided not to go all the way up since it was so steep and I was not feeling 100%, but I finally got a shot I have been wanting to get for a while. Off in the distance is the city of Ellensburg. I was pretty excited to finally get this shot! Hopefully next time I will feel better and be able to make it to the top!




It has sure been a while since I did much photography. In fact, it’s been an entire month since I have even posted anything. I have been pretty busy with school so I have not had much time to get out. I figured I could use a break this morning so I decided to edit some photos and see what I could find. I took both of these a while back. The black and white picture was taken while hiking, and the foggy picture while fishing. The B&W picture was actually an accident when I was editing, but I like the look of it. The other is not quite what I had pictured in my mind, but I thought it still looked OK.

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